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Mold - A Growing Concern

While mold growth can occur at any time, with spring rain are more opportunities for moisture and the heat of summer follows quickly the ideal environment for mold. 


From inadequate bathroom venting to hidden foundation drainage problems, mold has a way of growing rapidly and sometimes unnoticed until the problem is  much larger than can be handled without professional help.


The first step is to identify the source of moisture and rectify the problem.  Remediating mold without fixing the cause will provide only a short-term solution but the long-term issue remains and mold regrowth will happen.


After the source is addressed, mold should be remediated adhering to EPA and OSHA guidelines.  Some situations can be handled by homeowners or maintenance staff themselves if the area to be treated is relatively small.  If you have extensive mold in an attic or basement, behind drywall, tile or obscured by other surfaces, the remediation is best left to a trained professional. 


At Bio-One, we take the time to identify the source and work with you on the steps necessary to stop water from intruding.  One the source is addressed, we remediate the mold based on the specifics of the situation.  Mold does not have a one-size-fits-all solution.  The location, degree of contamination and other factors contribute to how the area will be treated.  


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