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When things get tough and you have a bad day and it feels like the pressure of the world is on your shoulders, you've got to give yourself a little perspective that people would die to be in your situation. Now I know that's not sexy and some people want to wallow in their own misery and I get that is human nature.  

At any moment I'm a firm believer that you can you can find something to be rejoyceful for. You can find something to be happy about. You can find something to be grateful about. See because what you focus on is where your feelings are. Focus equals feelings. I talked about this in a prior podcast Focus equals feelings. So if you're focusing on what a terrible day you had and how unfair things were, guess what? It's going to seem like a really bad day and everything's just unfair. If you focus on what's right in this world what's right in your life, how grateful you are of the person next to you, how grateful you are that your kids love you and adore you, how grateful you are that you have running water, how about that for some perspective? 

Perspective is probably one of the biggest things that you can master in this world. Master perspective, keep your life centered. Keep moving forward. You hold the key. 

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